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$2,295 ISAIA - 100% Silk Overcoat Trenchcoat Coablt Blue Logo Detailing - 50US

Designer: Isaia

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50R (60EU)


Product Description


Coral engraved buttons with a tortoise shell look.

Coral logo on collar with suede detailing.



Estimated Retail: $2,295.00

Condition: New with defects. The area on one of the sleeve cuffs where the buttons are has an "L" shaped tear (and an adjacent pull) see photo 12. Photo eleven has the cuff epaulette buttoned, so as you can see if you have the tear stitched and leave the sleeve buttoned its salvageable. Photo 10 is the other undamaged sleeve. Sold AS IS. THIS IS AN AMAZING ONCE IN A LIFETIME CHANCE TO SCORE A FULL SILK TOPCOAT AT OVER 90% OFF!! 

Fabric: 100% Silk

Item #ISA00218


Sleeve: 27"

Jacket Length: 34.5''




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